• Liljas Plast Group

Our corporate culture

We strongly uphold our corporate culture, with its core values of:

Responsibility   Quality   Reliability   Innovation   Competence   Flexibility   Confidentiality

Responsibility means we all share responsibility for the company’s and its employees’ development and performance. Responsibility for shared well-being and team-oriented working.

Quality means each employee is responsible for achieving the highest possible quality and continuous improvement in our work. Striving to do things right, right from the start, is fundamental to our quality awareness.

Reliability means that in every situation we must have a fundamentally positive attitude to each other and to our customers. We are all ambassadors for our business, and our reputation is built through our actions.

Innovation means we promise ourselves and our customers that we will examine requirements exhaustively to find smarter, more efficient and feasible solutions. We encourage creativity, and failure is allowed in the interests of ultimate success.

Competence not only means being clever, but also includes accepting that everyone can make mistakes. It is important that we learn from our mistakes. They allow us to develop both as people and as employees. However, this freedom does not mean that we do not take seriously any violations of the laws, legislation, regulations and agreements that we all have to follow.

Flexibility means we work in accordance with the requirements in place, and can adjust quickly if they change. This is a huge strength – and a market advantage.

Confidentiality means we do not share customers’ product information in any form.