• About Liljas Plast Group


Liljas Plast Group has operations in Sweden (Hillerstorp, Lagan and Vansbro) and China (Suzhou). With its headquarters and origins in the Gnosjö region of southern Sweden, the group is distinguished by its cooperativeness, commitment and ability to take on challenges and problems – all renowned characteristics of the region. We are proud of our origins and history.

1964: The family business Liljas Plast is formed.
1979: Kjell Granstrand acquires Liljas Plast and relocates the business from Marås to Hillerstorp.
1987: The cleanroom company Polymed Hygienic starts up in Hillerstorp.
2001: BoBe Plastindustri AB in Vansbro, formed in 1969, is acquired.
2005: Liljas Plast starts its own business in China (Suzhou): Liljas Plastic LTD.
2008: Liljas Plast acquires Polymega i Lagan AB, which was formed in 1980.
2012: New warehouse is constructed at Polymega in Lagan.
2012: Major reconstruction at the Hillerstorp premises to improve flows and increase storage.
2015: Liljas builds a new 3000 sq m production unit in Hillerstorp, and occupies it in March 2016.
2017: New warehouse is constructed at BoBe in Vansbro
2019: A further 4500 sq m of production area and offices is designed and constructed in Hillerstorp.
2020: Relocation to new premises at Kävsjövägen 55 in Hillerstorp.